Learn How To create a home You love Without Spending A Fortune

or even knowing where to start and what to do!

Heather Maduk Home Stylist



Learn how to become your own stylist and transform your house into a beautiful home. It’s not about having a perfect home. Instead, I encourage you to create a space that says something about who you are and your personal style of living.



You’ll feel confident turning your vision into reality. My easy to follow Design Maps can be applied to any room saving you time, money and impulse shopping.



You certainly don’t have to re-do your home every time a new trend comes along.  Learn how you can incorporate that newest look into your current decor.  Personal style changes the way you feel in your home. Discover yours and why it’s so important.



Learn helpful tips that guide you through common projects.  No more searching for answers to questions like what colors should I use, where should I place furniture and how to finish a room with the right accessories. Get started today and turn your inspirations into reality.

Are You Ready To Love Your Home?

Starting A Decorating Project?

You have a great idea for a room, but don't know where to start or how to turn that idea into a real plan.

Struggling To Get Finished?

You've spent countless hours trying to complete your project and you're frustrated choosing styles, trends and options.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Sometimes you just want a second opinion and someone to guide you so you can start enjoying your home.

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... with the unique lessons, tips, checklists, tools and ideas learned within our Styled Home community.

Customers reviews

What members are saying...

First, Heather (owner of Styled & Staged) staged our city home. We were so happy with her results, we then hired her to help us with our new home in the country. She chose the interior paint colors, the light fixtures, the door handles, and which artwork to hang. More importantly, how high to hang it. The effect is warm, inviting, cheery, and calming all at once. Our new home looks beautiful. She always gives great advice.
Dianne Marsh
Heather's attention to detail and her vision is what sets her apart from others in her field. She always respects the client and works her magic with items/furnishings that they already have as much as possible. Heather will help tie your house together for a cohesive flow.
Joanne Mack
Heather staged two of my properties and both had amazing results. It was interesting to see how she worked with both newer and older homes. Her ideas were totally different to bring out the best of each! Thanks so much Heather!
Darlene Neilson
When I lived in Canada, Heather decorated my condo. I was so happy with her service, I contacted her again to assist with my place in the States. Just by sending her photos and a few calls, she was able to tell me what colours to paint, and what furniture and accessories I needed for the room.
Brigitte Morris
I keep hearing Heather’s voice saying, “shop at home”, “paint everything” “less stuff to landfill” and it’s made me look at things around my house in a new light. It just goes to show that even the smallest ugliest forgotten little things can be reborn into something special.
Jeff W.
Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought curtains would have such a huge impact! Thanks so much Heather!
Chris C.
Heather’s webinars are so informative and helpful! She is so talented and offers amazing advice and ideas. Everything from complete room overhauls to a quick weekend DIY project is approached with such authentic enthusiasm and effort. Heather has helped me “spruce up” every room in my new home. I’ve learned so much and now have the confidence to try new things to make my home unique and welcoming.
Christina H.
I can not express how much Heather’s expertise has helped me! I have attended her webinars since the beginning. As Heather’s teachings and knowledge stem from the basics, I discovered that I was soaking up her decorating information like a sponge…totally unaware of doing so. Months later, I have now redecorated our whole living space and it is marvelously tranquil. She even inspired me to paint my fireplace!!! With every decision I made, Heather’s teachings came through and I could not be more pleased and surprised with my choices! I am so grateful for Heather and her decorating ways.
Robin P.
Thank you for such a great experience. We were shocked with what you were able to do and we are so happy with the way the house looks. It certainly showed me why you should always choose a professional who is so experienced. Thank you big time!
Janice Burtt
You are detailed, thorough, and obviously have a wonderful talent for putting things together. Now that I have a master plan (compliments to you) I can work towards it.
Heather B.
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Having run a Home Staging/Home Styling business for almost 2 decades, I’ve added my complete library of step-by-step tutorials and transformations to answer all your design questions.

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This is your opportunity to get your design questions answered in a group setting format. Send me your photos and questions prior to the webinar so I can have your answers ready. We all learn from each others’ questions.

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Can’t make a webinar? I’ve got you covered with video courses and tutorials that you can watch on your own schedule.

Learn From My Years of Design Experience

My goal is to teach you how to create a home you love.

With these great resources and my 5 key steps you’ll be able to confidently make your own décor decisions and pull everything together.


... with the unique lessons, tips, checklists, tools and ideas learned within our Styled Home community.

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Putting The Pieces Together

I created the Styled Home Academy for people who want to transform their home into a place they love and a space that truly reflects their lifestyle.

I’m committed to making styling your home fun, accessible, and practical.

Here to help!

I’ve brought my unique approach to Styling and Staging homes for over two decades and earned recognition as one of Canada’s best.

It’s easy to get started, join today and see why thousands have sought out my unique approach to style and decor.


... with the unique lessons, tips, checklists, tools and ideas learned within our Styled Home community.

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