3 Steps to a Perfect Staging

Sometimes many steps have to take place before I can even start to stage a house. Here is an example of all the stages we went through from beginning to end. The homeowners of this house knew that they had a lot of work to do, so they sent me photos so I could give some basic suggestions before we even met. I was able to tell them furniture placement and colour selection just by looking at their photos.

This was a big project, but I’m happy to say they received an offer after the FIRST showing!

First Step – Rearrange the Rooms so the Furniture is in the Proper Rooms

Living in a Staged home can be very challenging since we often use rooms in unorthodox ways.  It’s important to showcase rooms the way they were intended for to appeal to the masses. This is also the time to remove all the extra ‘stuff’ that isn’t going to be used for Staging purposes.  This step probably takes the longest and hardest since many decisions have to be made about what to keep, toss out or donate/sell.

Second Step – Paint the Walls a Neutral Colour

Once the furniture was rearranged and the walls were painted, it was time to have fun.  These homeowners went above the call of duty and replaced all the carpet upstairs as well.

Third Step – Put Some ‘Style’ into the House

Styled & Staged takes houses to the next level by renting inventory that complements each unique house.  With so many houses on the market it’s key to make your house memorable.

BEFORE – the dark formal living was being used as the family room with the TV and large sectional.
DURING –  the walls were painted and the furniture was now in the correct place. They brought these sofas in from other rooms and put the sectional in the family room.
IMG_2790 (800x531) - Copy
AFTER – adding an area rug and hanging drapes helped soften the room. The room was nice and neutral for resale, but it needed a pop of colour which was done through artwork and accessories from Styled & Staged.
IMG_2842 (800x533)
AFTER – this is now the formal living room which it is intended for. Removing the large TV made a huge difference.  It’s now in the family room.
IMG_2792 (800x533) - Copy
AFTER – the living room flows nicely into the dining room which is no longer the toy room.
BEFORE -the dining room (with the gold walls) was being used a toy room with one sofa and toys.


DURING – the walls were painted and the dining table was brought in from the family room.
IMG_2837 (800x533)
AFTER – renting drapes, artwork and accessories for the table were all that was needed in this room.
IMG_2795 (800x533) - Copy
AFTER – the colours flow from the living room to make the space feel larger and cohesive.
BEFORE – the family room was being used as a dining room with a sofa.
DURING – the sectional and the TV were brought in from the living room and the dining table was moved back to the dining room.
IMG_2849 (800x533)
AFTER – these cathedral ceilings are beautiful for letting in the natural light and making the room feel larger. It also means that you need really large artwork to fill in some of the space. I brought in the artwork, clock and accent cushions since they matched their kitchen drapes which is right beside this room.
IMG_2844 (800x533)
AFTER – the homeowners replaced all the carpets going upstairs and in the bedrooms. They also bought this huge area rug to make the room feel more cozy. The large round clock makes the fireplace the focal point in the room.
During – all this room needed was a basic tidy up. I wanted to showcase the modern tile floor and backsplash.
IMG_2805 (800x533) - Copy
AFTER – you can really appreciate the flow of this house and the great potential for entertaining.
BEFORE – the deep purple walls were just too dark for resale.
During – even half way through painting we could already see the difference. I also asked them to remove more furniture.
IMG_2836 (800x533)
AFTER – the homeowners painted the room and bought new linens. This shows how you can still have your favourite colours (purple and teal) but they don’t have to be on the walls. Even having the teal drapes was a way to add some colour to the walls.
IMG_2808 (800x533) - Copy
AFTER – it’s the little details that really make the room feel special and luxurious. They loved these linens and can’t wait to put them in their new home.
BEFORE – whenever you have extra shelves or storage units in bathroom, it just makes the room feel smaller and it makes buyers wonder if there is enough storage.
IMG_2812 (800x519) - Copy
AFTER – once everything was removed the room was painted the same colour as the master bedroom. They replaced the dated light fixture and faucet. We were able to use their existing metal artwork.
BEFORE -when I saw this room for the first time they had just ripped up the old carpet.
IMG_2815 (800x533) - Copy
AFTER – all the bedrooms looked great with their new carpet. I really liked the chevron wall since it’s good for either gender or age group. Moving the furniture around and removing some extra pieces make the room feel large and clean.
IMG_2817 (800x533)
AFTER – hanging floor to ceiling drapes is a good solution if there are not closet doors.
During – I noticed that the tiles were beige and the paint was a pale gray so I wanted to change the shower curtain to make it look more sophisticated.
IMG_2813 (800x533) - Copy
AFTER – the new shower curtain and artwork ties everything together. The homeowners also replaced the dated light fixture and faucet. This bathroom looks completely new.


BEFORE – this room needed different furniture placement and accessories.  The homeowner spent so many hours painting the feature wall and I knew it might appeal to buyers as well.
IMG_2820 (800x533) - Copy
AFTER – I didn’t want to put any nails in the custom painted wall, but adding the floral artwork beside the bed tied all the colours together and balances the room a bit. I also removed the mirror from the dresser to make it feel younger. Moving the bed closer to the window also gave more floor space as you entered the room.
IMG_2823 (800x533)
AFTER – once again, the drapes covered the huge closet that didn’t have any doors.

These homeowners were incredible.  They worked so hard and always kept an open mind.  I really appreciated their trust in my vision.

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