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Home stager, Heather Maduk of Styled & Staged, just saved my husband and I thousands of dollars! We are planning on moving next year and wanted her feedback on our choice of laminate and paint colours to help us sell our home. Before we knew it, she had gently turned us in a direction we hadn’t thought of and we have a much clearer – and cheaper – plan for selling our home. Heather, I can’t thank you enough. What a “gift” you have! –

Dianne Marsh-Tushingham

It’s very important to know what and where you will get your return on investment if you plan on doing any repairs or renovations before you sell your home.  I strongly suggest you speak with your Realtor who can give you a fair market value price on your home and all the comparables with or without the renovations. Different house price points have different expectations with their finishes (ie. hardwood, laminate, cushion flooring, carpet, granite, etc.). Putting the wrong finishes in your home for the purpose of resale can actually waste your money.  Renovations for your own pleasure are different since they are tailored for your own needs.

Always remember, there is an emotional cost of living through any renovations as well. You also have to look at your family situation.  It’s very true when you’re told, it will take twice as long and cost you twice as much.  The earlier you can choose a Realtor the better you will be informed to make these decisions.

The best Realtors understand and appreciate the value of having a Stager and photographer as part of their team.  Together, we all want to ensure that you get the best value for your largest investment.

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