7 Simple Ways To Make A Bedroom Feel Cozy

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People always think it’s too expensive or takes too much work to make changes in their home for the seasons. I’m not suggesting that you paint your walls or buy new furniture. It just takes a few little changes to make your room feel more inviting in the colder months. I’ve listed 7 easy ways to switch up your bedroom. Even if you just do one or two of the things on the list, you’ll feel a big difference!

Typically the principal bedroom is the last room in the house to be decorated since it’s not the room that is seen by others.

Your bedroom is the first room you see when you wake up and the last you see when we go to bed. You deserve to love this space!!!


Here are 3 examples of how a bedroom was changed using the above tips.

Navy and White:


Navy and white are a classic bedroom colour combination. Here is a summer version with pale yellow as the accent colour. There is definitely a fresh, light and airy theme. Notice the white gauzy drapes and ‘beach’ accessories. You can just imagine the fresh summer breeze blowing in this room. This is perfect for summer, but not so much for winter months if you live in a cold climate.


These are the same navy and white linens, but all the yellow accents are replaced with taupe to warm up the room. Taupe drapes and cushions make a huge impact. Again, these don’t have to be expensive purchases. I would also switch the artwork above the bed with something like this round wooden mirror for more texture. Adding gold accessories also bring richness to the room. Simple things like switching the lamp shades can make a huge impact. Adding layers and textures through linens and blankets instantly makes any room feel more cozy.



Neutral colour palettes are very popular right now. All the shades of gray, cream, tan, white create a calm and serene atmosphere in the summer months.


However, theses colours can feel a little chilly in the colder weather. You can still have your sophisticated and elegant look. All you need to do is add more layers in the same colours that have luxurious textures. Faux fur, chenille and velvet are just a few examples.

Switching some of the silver accessories with matt gold adds warmth as well. However, you can certainly mix your metals. Matte black vases and accessories also adds drama and creates a warm look in the colder months.

Turquoise and Coral:


Turquoise (and varies shades of aqua and teal) is also another very popular bedroom colour. This summer ‘look’ was inspired but the light and fresh artwork. The turquoise cotton coverlet is a comfortable weight for summer nights. The accent cushions are also cotton, so nothing looks heavy in this room even though the colours are bold. Coral is a very nice complementary colour to turquoise.


For this example we are using the same turquoise coverlet for the winter months. However, this time, the room is inspired by darker artwork. Even though they are the same colours as the summer version, the tones are richer. Warmth for this room was added by incorporating gold accessories, teal vases and accent cushions made out of silk and brocade instead of cotton. Nothing makes a room feel cozier than a thick rug under your feet in the morning. Also notice again how much of a difference darker lamp shades can make.

I hope these examples inspire you to give your bedroom a seasonal “refresh”.

Feel free to send me photos and questions and we can discuss them during the next webinar.

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