Air Beds to the Rescue for Staging

Lately, I seem to be Staging a lot of empty homes. It’s a well known fact that rooms look larger with furniture in them and they are certainly more memorable and inviting.

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Bedroom 1
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Bedroom 2

These two bedrooms only had a desk in one and a night table in the other.  I am very grateful that the Realtor I worked with provided 2 single airbeds. Unfortunately, having a bed in a room isn’t enough.  You still have to add fresh linens, artwork, lamps, drapes and accessories to create a ‘story’ in a room.

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We didn’t have time to paint this room a neutral colour but I brought in the perfect linens to work with the paint colour.  The fresh white drapes diffuse the colour a bit and it also works with the white night table and accessories. Pops of the pink also draw your eye around the room so you notice the entire space.

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My goal is for a little girl to tell her parents she wants ‘this room’. Buying a home is an emotional process as well as a financial one.

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It’s the little details in the accessories that make a room memorable.

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You would never know that both the beds in these two rooms were airbeds.  Rearranging the furniture made more sense and showed more floor space which is important in a child’s room for playing.

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Even though buyers are not buying the furniture, they will be able to visualize their children living and using this great space.  The desk also shows the size of what a typical dresser is as well.  The purpose is to show an accurate scale of the room and you can’t do when the room is empty.

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Who wouldn’t want to go and cuddle on this bed and enjoy the room.

I think we accomplished our mission here 🙂

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