Answering a Member’s Question About Sectionals


One of our members sent in photos of her livingroom asking for some advice. She wanted to know what type of sectional she should buy.


Three people live here and this is their main living room. When I looked at the photos, I really didn’t think a sectional would serve them well. Everyone loves sectionals since they are so cozy and they do come in a variety of styles. However, you need a large enough room to have at least one or two more chairs to make the room functional for conversation. When you’re entertaining guests, you don’t want to all be jammed into a corner even if there are ‘technically’ the same number of seats.


You can see by these examples, that no matter how many seats are available on the sectional, there is always additional seating.

Since this member’s living room is too small for an additional chair, I feel she is better off with a loveseat and a sofa. This will provide comfortable seating for the three of them at one time. If they bought a large ottoman it could used as a coffee table with a tray on it, and it could also be used as additional seating if it was moved to the window area when they have guests.

She wanted some advice as to what type of sofa and furniture to buy. I always have to consider the style of the home and what clients want. She said that they had to have a high back and comfort was key for them. I did a quick search online for high back gray fabric sofas and thought these would work for their family. These were found online at the Brick.

She also said that she loved her blue wall but struggled figuring out how to incorporate other colours. Her artwork is personal to her and since it is pretty neutral in colour she has lots of options.

If she bought gray sofas, I would suggest adding colour through cushions with a pattern that included the blue and a coral colour (I know she likes that colour). Adding layers of textures through blankets and accessories is what brings a room to life. She is also looking for a new ivory area rug.


Nesting tables in the corner between the sofa and the ottoman are ideal for entertaining if the ottoman is moved around.

Don’t get me wrong, I love sectionals as long as the room is large enough. When looking at buying a sectional you may want to consider:

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  1. Are the legs showings? This gives the illusion that it’s not as large. It’s also more contemporary. The narrower the legs, the more modern it looks.
  2. Does the sectional have backs to all the seats or is there a chaise. This also makes a difference to how many people can actually sit it in.
  3. Is the corner for cuddling watching TV or do you expect a guest to sit there. Again, this determines how many people can comfortably sit on the sectional.
  4. It’s ideal to have at least 1 chair opposite the sectional for conversation. People like to have their own personal space. I suggest the chair be in a different fabric/colour for interest.
  5. Also consider whether you want fabric or leather.

Bottom line, sectionals are wonderful but they are not suitable for every room unless you have extra seating.

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