Buy New Items Now for Your Next House

Homeowners will often tell me that they are planning on buying specific furniture for their new home. If I feel that it would benefit having the new piece for the staging purposes, I suggest that they buy it now!  That way, their current house will show better and then they will be all set for their new house as well.


This bedroom has so many architectural details with the window and vaulted ceiling, but having a futon opened up to create a bed wasn’t doing this room any justice.  They showed me the day bed that they were planning on buying for their home so I encouraged them to buy it for this room.


The white bed frame really makes the window and the chair rail look fresh. This is a perfect look for spring.  Even their existing bed linens looked new and crisp. Adding bold accent cushions and artwork finish off the room perfectly. This room is ideal since it’s appropriate for any age which is what you want when selling your house. Always appeal to the masses.

Typically I only have a few days/weeks from the initial consultation to when photos are being taken.  Most large furniture pieces (sofas, bedroom, dining sets) can take several weeks to be delivered so it’s not always possible.  If you know you want new furniture for your new house, because your current furniture is worn out, consider buying it now.

I always suggest that homeowners buy new fresh towels for staging (white ones are always safe and reusable.  Take an objective look at your linens and see if they are tired and worn out.  You want buyers to walk in an almost feel like they are in a hotel.

Take the time now, to look around your house to see the little changes that can be made so your current home looks it’s best, for resale, and then you’ll also have everything you need for your next home.



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