Casual Decorating with Mason Jars and Wild Flowers

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As I was walking through the grocery store, I immediately fell in love with these blue mason jars! I had never seen coloured mason jars before.

maon jars 4 of 4

However, I didn’t think of them for jam or jelly.  I immediately visualized them with wild flowers. On my way home from work today, I stopped and picked these along a country road.  You really don’t need many to fill these little jars.

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maon jars 1 of 4

I kept the metal rings around the jars but removed the sealing lids so the flowers could sit inside.

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When you group smaller, similar items together on a tray, it creates a huge impact.  The hammered aluminum tray is the perfect combination with this country look.  This is a great look for the cottage, the backyard or any casual setting.  This is going to sit on my kitchen table.

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