Living in Canada, we can all related to the calmness, relaxed and casual lifestyle that one gets while at the cottage.  It’s amazing how just spending even one day on the water can make you feel like you’ve had a month-long holiday. 

Even if we are just in our backyard, we can still recreate that ‘feeling’ we get while being in the country.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • The importance of toning down a patterned tablecloth with solid dishes etc.
  • How to use fresh potted plants for a casual centrepiece.  Potted flowers will always last longer than fresh cut flows and they are also more relaxed. 
  • How to add whimsical accessories to take the theme to the next level – nautical cushions, sailboat etc.
  • The easiest way to set a table is working with a theme so you have more guidelines of what to add
  • How to add artwork to your outdoor living space
  • DIY spray painting old chargers and napkin rings to make them more useful
  • How to create a simple nautical napkin ring with rope
  • Navy and white are classic colours and you can add virtually any other colour to completely switch things up.
  • Easy centrepiece ideas

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