Stylizing your entreating area to complement the exterior of your house is a simple way to ‘get it right’.  For example, if the exterior of your house is gray and white house, it makes sense to decorate your outside living in the same colour palette for a cohesive flow.  If the interior decor is gray and white It also helps your inside space, feel larger if you continue with the same colours right outside so it’s just an extension of the room.

You will learn how to add colour to your classic colours for interest.  Your softer colours will look washed out with the bright sun so you might want to add a pop of colour as well as some black to keep it grounded.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • Less can be more when it comes to classic design
  • How to fold and use ribbon on napkins
  • How to protect your food
  • The importance of pulling colours in through cushions and area rugs
  • DIY painted chandeliers with solar lights
  • How to layer your table setting

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