When I travel, I get extremely inspired by architecture, the culture and the colours of the landscape.  While travelling through Venice, I was mesmerized by the colours and textures.  I wanted to recreate some of the colour combinations since I thought they were so beautiful.

This next video was inspired by the colour of the sun-bleached buildings and by the delicate Murano glass that I saw being blown. in Venice

In this video you’ll learn:

  • How to use colour for inspiration
  • How to use something like a napkin ring can also be your source of inspiration and jumping off pint
  • How simple things from the dollar store can create stunning centrepieces
  • How to layer your table setting
  • How to create a ‘room’ outside by considering everything from the ground up
  • How to incorporate cushions and patterns into your space
  • How different elements of glass and soft colours can create a ‘delicate’ feel

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