A House Full of Charm

These homeowners have taken a cookie cutter house and made some wonderful renovations that added lots of charm and personality.

New Hardwood Floors

IMG_3310 (800x533)
BEFORE – When I arrived, the carpet had completely been ripped up and they were getting ready to have the new hardwood flooring installed.
During – a few days later, they sent me photos of how the living room looked with the new flooring. I couldn’t wait to go back to ‘Stage’ the house since they had great furniture to work with and a nice neutral colour pallet.
AFTER – I brought in larger artwork in the same colour palette as the rest of the main floor.  I wanted the décor to appeal to a young family. I also added the area rug to help show the scale of the room and it also shows the coffee table more.
AFTER – All the colours flowed from one room to the next but in different tones to keep it interesting.
AFTER – the stairs had brand new carpet laid as well. The neutral colour is sure to appeal to buyers.
IMG_3907 (800x532)
AFTER – little details and personal touches of real plants make the house feel more like a home.  This little plant sits on the end table in the living room.
BEFORE – Everything had been dumped in this room since they were getting ready to replace the flooring. My job is to scan the room to see what items I can use for the Staging. I liked the floral artwork and knew I could use it in the master bedroom.
AFTER – once I could actually see the space I knew I wanted to use all the furniture and the mirror. The new floors looked beautiful!
IMG_3873 (800x533)
AFTER – adding new artwork gave the room some depth and a cohesive look with the colour scheme. You can see a little bit of the teal in the back kitchen.
IMG_3872 (800x533)
AFTER – You are always better to have fewer, but larger accessories for Staging. They give more impact and they don’t look like colour. Everything has a purpose. I put a floor plant in the corner to draw your eye to the entire space of the room.

 Amazing Kitchen with Character

BEFORE – this room really only needed a basic tidy up. They had already done the renovations of tearing down a wall and creating one large space instead of a kitchen and a family room.
IMG_3859 (800x533)
AFTER – removing their very functional memo boards was important since it was too much personal information for people as they walk through your house. Adding one large canvas tied all the colours together. Notice all the different lighting in the room.  I love the backsplash on one wall and then white brick on the far wall.
IMG_3858 (800x513)
AFTER – Only keep a few items on the counter to show how much counter space there really is. It also reassures buyers that you are not covering any marks/cracks etc.
IMG_3894 (800x533)
AFTER – these built in cabinets add so much storage, interest, function and value to the house. Even the glass cabinets have lights to help display their beautiful dishes.

Lighting Makes all the Difference


IMG_3893 (800x533)
AFTER – this 3 light fixture is perfect over this harvest table. It’s currently right on trend and it’s the jewelry of the room.
IMG_3899 (800x800)
AFTER – even little accents like this crackled glass pendant adds charm to the kitchen over the sink.

Outdoor Entertaining

IMG_3876 (800x533)
AFTER – who doesn’t love a huge dining table for entertaining outside on a new deck in a private yard?
IMG_3883 (800x533)
AFTER – I’ve done a lot of Stagings over the last 12 years, and I don’t see too many outdoor kitchens. I really want one now. 🙂
IMG_3884 (800x533)
AFTER – this home comes with a lovely wooden fence and notice the cute little shed too.
IMG_3885 (800x533)
AFTER – even the flowers look happy living here 🙂


Optical Illusion

BEFORE – I found the brown wall too dark and the drapes made the room look narrow.
IMG_3820 (800x533)
AFTER – the homeowners painted the brown wall in the same colour as the other walls and it immediately change the whole look. Instead of putting their drapes back up, I hung white sheers across the windows for a softer look and then beige silk side panels. Your eyes go out towards the side panels and the fact that the bed overlaps the window isn’t as obvious. They also removed their end table and desk and I brought in matching night tables for balance.  They match their headboard perfectly.
IMG_3910 (800x533)
AFTER – notice the artwork is used to be in the dining room? To enhance the colour, I brought in accent cushions and a few other accessories.
IMG_3825 (800x533)
AFTER – dispersing the same pops of colour around the room makes it more interesting. Even the ivory runner softens the room.
IMG_3822 - Copy
AFTER – the homeowners also replaced their dated white fan with this new one.
BEFORE – make sure every square inch looks it’s best when selling.
AFTER – the homeowners replaced the old carpet with brand new hard wood floors. It looks amazing. Notice details like the wainscoting and the built in bookcase in the staircase. All these details make the home unique. I brought in simple artwork that went with the same ‘feel’ of the house.

Fun Bedrooms

BEFORE – there was nothing wrong with either of the kids’ bedrooms. I just wanted to put a bit more personality into them so they would be more memorable for the MLS photos.
IMG_3833 - Copy
AFTER – we didn’t want to have to remove the shelves since that would also require painting the room so I brought in some decorative items which created a nautical theme.
IMG_3834 - Copy
AFTER – adding nautical artwork and accent cushions ect. finished off the room. They kept their hanging traffic light.
AFTER – you don’t need to completely fill the shelves. You just need enough to make them have a purpose.
BEFORE – there was too much furniture in this room. So we removed the storage unit at the end of the bed.
BEFORE – I also wanted to move the night side table to create balance in the room.
IMG_3841 (800x533)
AFTER – the room now has more space. The darker bedding is bolder and gives a nice contrast to the green walls and white furniture. My goal is always to make the paint colour look it’s best so painting isn’t required. Most buyers will paint the bedrooms the colours they want anyway, but you still have to make the current colours look appealing. Since they had a wild life theme in this room I brought in the larger zebra artwork.
IMG_3845 (800x529)
AFTER – the homeowners were very clever by framing old calendar photos. This is a great DIY project to personalize any room.

Double Your Living Space

IMG_3914 (800x533)
AFTER – all this family room needed was a basic tidy up. This room really doubles your living space. It’s warm and inviting and is great for the entire family.
IMG_3918 (800x522)
AFTER – this is a perfect example of how use every inch of your downstairs. There is a play area for the kids, and a TV area for the adults. The colours are bright and cheery but not too juvenile.





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