Little Adjustments in Staging

We all know that its extremely hard to live in a Staged out when you have little kids. The whole premise behind Staging is to showcase your home so it appeals to the masses. That way, it sells faster and presumably for more money. The quicker it sells, the sooner you can get back to your normal way of living.

Remove the Toys:

IMG 4965

IMG 5160

This is a family home, so chances are there will be kids moving in as well, however, buyers need to see the full potential of every room in the house. Store some toys which are used everyday in large bins with lids and store them in either the garage or a closet for photos and showings.  They should be accessible for other times so the kids can maintain some ‘normalcy.’

Now the room is also perfect for ‘adult’ living which will appeal to the masses.  Let the fireplace and TV be the focal point since it’s the casual ‘family’ room.

Add Some Colour:

IMG 4971

IMG 5165

The homeowners were going to throw away this sofa but I suggested they get it cleaned at the same time the carpets were shampooed.  It looked like a new sofa!  Buyers are obviously not buying the furniture, but if they see clean, tidy furnishings they feel better about the house. There is a sense of pride that the house has been taken care of.  Once the toys were removed, I brought in artwork and other red accessories for a punch of colour.  As we are getting into the colder weather, it’s nice to add some warmth in our spaces.

Can You Spot the Difference?

IMG 5114 2

IMG 5164 2

For the photos (and preferably for the showings as well), unplug your cables from the TV since they are extremely distracting.  When buyers are looking at your MLS photos, they critique EVERTHING.  The only difference in these two photos is that one has distracting cords and the other doesn’t.  It only takes 2 minutes to unplug them and it gives a better first impression.

Very little was actually done in this room but the difference is HUGE.  You might think this is common sense but you you’d be surprised how some people list their house.  Put in a bit of work upfront and set your house apart from the others for a quick sale



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