A ‘Move-In’ Ready House

When I first met these homeowners, I loved their eagerness to prepare their home for resale. They were so accommodating and I appreciated the pride that they took in their work.  They completely painted the house and did all the suggested repairs. Together, we completely transformed this entire house and it’s now ‘move-in’ ready!


IMG_9991 (800x533)
BEFORE – The room originally felt long and narrow with all the furniture lined up against the wall.
IMG_1228 - Copy
AFTER – As soon as we moved the furniture around, the room appeared wider.
IMG_1197 (800x533)
AFTER – Since storage was an issue, we moved the two bookcases that were on either side of the window and created a large wall unit. This also shows buyers where they could put a TV if they wanted one on the main level.
IMG_1218 - Copy
AFTER – Adding the ivory area rug helped brighten up the room and it defined the space.  The side panel drapes not only added colour, but it made the window appear wider and the room more square. Live trees help fill in corners and add life to a home.
IMG_1242 (800x533)
AFTER – Little accessories like the tray and tea set make the house feel like a home. Notice how all the accent cushions complement the artwork.
IMG_1216 (800x533)
AFTER – Glass tables can be hard to photograph so I added a runner and aqua accessories for a cohesive look. Since there is no hanging light fixture over the table, I added tall candle holders to help fill up the visual space.


IMG_0001 (800x533) - Copy - Copy
IMG_1268 (800x514)
AFTER – Removing all the clutter allows buyers to see the counter space and storage.  Instead of leaving a hole where the microwave goes, we added some accessories for a pop of colour that blended with the other rooms.
IMG_1250 - Copy
AFTER – New light fixtures really add value.
IMG_1232 - Copy
AFTER – Bringing in modern artwork tied all the appliances and cabinetry together. Incorporating a little table and chairs shows buyers they don’t always have to eat in the dining room.
IMG_1248 - Copy
AFTER – Flowers are always cheery – especially in kitchens.
IMG_1249 - Copy
AFTER – Adding pops of colour helps draw your eye to all the different spaces in the room.


IMG_0009 (800x533) - Copy - Copy
BEFORE- Although this lower level was being used as a bedroom, it offers more value as a family room.
IMG_1181 - Copy (2) (800x533)
AFTER – We brought one of the extra loveseats from the living room here and turned the futon into the sofa to create a proper sitting room. The sofa table and artwork create a focal point. Adding bold artwork and drapes give the room interest. The room also looks larger than it did with a bed it in.


IMG_0025 (800x533) - Copy
BEFORE – You always want to make the master bedrooms look as luxurious as possible.
IMG_1204 (800x533)
AFTER – I used their gray headboard as my source of inspiration. I brought in new contemporary linens. Their favourite colour was red so I brought in artwork with the red, gold and gray to pull everything together. This room will appeal to young professional buyers, and that is their target market.
IMG_0030 (800x533) - Copy
BEFORE – There were too many pieces of furniture and they didn’t match.
IMG_1205 (800x533)
AFTER – Little details like the mirror, and accessories really finish the room. Staging is all about symmetry. Adding the matching lamps give balance to the room.


IMG_1223 (800x533)
AFTER – I really wanted to emphasis the two large windows in this room. This was easy to achieve with the drapes. Since this is a two bedroom house, we need to market this room suitable for any age. It could be a guest room, a child’s room or even two buyers with their own rooms since the rooms are the same size with huge closets.
IMG_1226 (800x533)
AFTER – Bold contemporary artwork and accessories make the room memorable for the MLS photos. Again, notice the balance with the night tables and lamps etc. When there is balance in the room, you aren’t distracted and can actually look at the entire room.

First Impression

BEFORE – I found this entrance very dark since it had the peel-off stain glass window.  They didn’t need privacy since all you saw where the stairs.
IMG_1278 (533x800)
AFTER – removing the peel-off paper instantly brightened up the entrance. Pretty artwork set the stage for what buyers would see as they entered the home. They said they wished that they had removed it years ago.
IMG_1264 (534x800)
AFTER – Curb appeal is so important. When there are other houses on the street for sale, you have to make yours stand out!
IMG_1259 (800x800)
AFTER – Nothing is more welcoming than these cheery flowers.
IMG_1258 (800x533)
AFTER – The homeowners went above and beyond. There was nothing but weeds and dirt until they laid fresh rolls of sod. They even planted a little flower bed by the fence. Some lucky buyer is going to have a lovely ‘move-in’ ready home!


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