Multiple Offers on a Staged House on First Day.


Tight time constraints are always the biggest factor when Staging a house. Often clients put an offer on their dream home with the condition of selling their house first. There is only so much we can do together under the pressure of the clock and budgets.

The good thing about these situations is that the clients are very motivated and are willing to work quickly in order to not lose their other house.

Here is an example of how much can be done with great team work, and help from family and friends.

Just after 4 days after meeting these clients, the house was decluttered, light fixtures were replaced, paint touch ups were done, the house was staged, photos were taken and it was listed.

They received multiple  offers on the first day so there were no conditions.!!!

Furniture Placement

IMG 7192

Please realize that when I first met with the clients they had already started to move things around and packed some boxes so the house was not as organized as normal.  Trying to sell a house with pets and a toddler is never easy!  As soon as I walked in, I immediately wanted to rearrange the furniture.

IMG 7505

Not all buyers have little children, so I wanted to remove the toys and open up the space so it would appeal to the masses. I used their aqua accent cushions as my colour inspiration.  I brought in my rental artwork and a few accessories.

IMG 7502

It’s always nice when you can use flowers from their garden to not only keep costs down but it makes it feel more like ‘home’ for the potential buyers.

IMG 7193

Buyers at not buying the furniture but it’s always best to keep things as uniform as possible to the cabinets etc. that are staying. Remember, staging and decorating are different. You don’t want any distractions.  You want buyers to look at what they are buying not what belongs to the homeowners.

IMG 7501

They were using this coffee table downstairs as a TV stand so we brought it upstairs.  It works so well with the kitchen, the floor and the staircase.  It makes the whole space feel larger and more modern.

New Lighting

IMG 7211

As I said, they had already started to pack up some boxes. I felt that the table didn’t enhance the dining room but I found a table under boxes in their storage room so we brought it out.  The Realtor was willing to bring in her leather parson chairs and it made all the difference in the world.

Changing the light fixture also updated the house with the new look.  It’s amazing how simple little changes can transform a room.  I always suggest lighting that will appeal to the masses and a variety of furniture styles.

IMG 7497

I brought in larger rental artwork a few simple accessories for the table to add more colour, texture and interest.

IMG 7499

Appeal to the Senses

IMG 7207

IMG 7511

You want buyers to visualize themselves cooking in the kitchen. Show them how much counter space there is and that there is enough storage so items don’t have to be on the counters.

IMG 7513

Continuing the same aqua pops of colour throughout the main floor make the space feel larger.  The smells of the herbs and the fresh citrus fruit appeals to the senses. The colours and smells are very clean.

Showcase Every Square Foot

IMG 7233

This finished basement is so important for additional space.  There was too much furniture and I didn’t even notice the fireplace at first.  Always highlight what is staying.

IMG 7517

We removed all the extra furniture and brought down this ottoman that used to be at the front door and used it as the coffee table.  All I had to bring were a few accessories and artwork.

IMG 7515

As we are approaching the colder weather it’s always nice to showcase the fireplace. This room is inviting and spacious so buyers can decide how they want to use it.

Keep it Simple

IMG 7166When I suggest solid white shower curtains and white towels, clients always seem reluctant until they see the results.

IMG 7489

The bathroom looks fresh, clean and spa-like.  Adding real orchids always give a luxurious touch. The simple artwork ties everything together.

Drapes Complete a Room

IMG 7150

IMG 7491

The room was so large that it lacked personality.  We brought their dresser from inside the closet out to help balance the room. It also made the walk-in closet feel larger.

They bought new linens since they wanted them for their new house anyway. We brought the chair up that used to be in the living room.  We then used the blue and the red from the chair as the colour inspiration.  Adding the red drape panels made the window look larger and the room felt more luxurious.

IMG 7494

The chair ties everything together.

I was so happy that this enthusiastic couple will be able to move onto the next chapter of their life and all their hard work paid off.


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