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No matter what project I’m working on, the very first thing I look at, is furniture placement.  That is the most important thing since everything else works around that.  I want the room to be appealing to the masses so they know where they would put THEIR furniture.  Living and Staging are not always the same!!!  That can be hard for some clients to wrap their head around at the beginning. Fortunately, this client was completely on board! And it paid off.

Furniture Placement is Key

After reviewing these photo, I immediately knew how I wanted her to rearrange the furniture.  I was also very grateful that the Realtor, Catherine Bell from Royal LePage is very “hands-on ” and rented some necessary furniture and brought in a few of her pieces.  That is the beauty when I have worked with the same realtors for so many years.  We get to know each other’s expectations and what they can bring in.

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I also knew I was going to suggested painting a few walls to make it more neutral.

It’s Never Too Early To Get Started

I started to work with this client right before the second lockdown back in December.  We were grateful that she was able to get paint while the stores were still open.  We knew she wasn’t going to list until February but these days, you do what you can while the stores are open!  The client was amazing and worked really hard during the Christmas break so it wasn’t all left until the last minute.  People are always shocked how much they have collected over the years, and it’s nice to have the time to sort through things and purge BEFORE you move so you don’t have to deal with everything at the other end of the process.

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I suggested that she painted the green walls the same cream colours as all the other walls in the house.  This option was the minimal amount of painting but made a huge different.  The green was a nice colour, but it wasn’t as neutral for resale and it also made the room look a bit darker.

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I have to respect what furniture needs to stay and what can be removed.  Look how much brighter and larger the room looks with one paint colour.

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The new furniture layout is open and makes better use of the space.   We brought in rental tables and lamps.  The Realtor brought in her artwork, rug and cushions plus a few accessories.

Colour Flow For A Cohesive Look

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Everything just flows from the dining room into the living room.

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Removing extra pieces of furniture like the desk, cat tree and freezer in the dining room show buyer it’s full potential.

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Removing some of the bright red accessories soften the look and make it feel more spacious since your eyes just roams around  rooms.

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Every subtle detail was considered right down to the gray stools which matched the artwork and all the white flowers.

I spent many FaceTime conversations and Zoom calls to make sure everything was done to perfection.  Together with Catherine Bell and the homeowner we made an excellent team!!!


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