Paint is The Quickest Way to Transform a House

I never really know how much clients are willing or able to do when I first them.  These clients blew my mind with their enthusiasm and talent.

I immediately knew what I wanted to do when I walked in the door, and I was pleasantly surprised that we were all on the same page!  The house had previously been rented out so it had been neglected a bit and it definitely needed some updating and then some inventory from Styled & Staged to bring it to life again. Of course, the biggest thing is to always stay on budget and have a realistic time frame!

First Impression

IMG 8080

As you enter the front door you are immediately greeted with a stair case.  It was in really rough shape.  The wood was badly worn and the risers were all peeling off.

IMG 3805

The clients spent a long time sanding the steps until they could be stained. They also worked really hard sanding the risers and then painted them white for a fresh and contemporary look.

Living Room

IMG 8037 800x533

The lack of furniture and accessories was my concern. Obviously no one was living here. The shape of the room is very typical for the time period that the house was built in. It’s a very hard shape for furniture placement.  When these houses were built, families lives didn’t revolve around the TV the way it does now.  Staging is all about showing buyers how they could live in the space.

IMG 3810 800x533 Copy

IMG 3809 800x533 Copy

I was very lucky that the clients offered to bring some furniture from their house to fill in the space.  They sent me photos of everything from their house and I told them what to bring and what to remove.  After the large armoire was removed, we filled in the gap with their chair, plant and area rug.  It’s amazing how an area rug can help define the space but still show all the beautiful hard wood floors.

The bay window got new blinds and accessories to make it a focal point.  I was able to bring in enough inventory to make if feel like a ‘home’.

The entire house was painted in the same colour.  This helps with the costs and time. Even when you paint the whole house in the same colour, it will look a bit different in every room. You will always get your money back in a GOOD paint job.


IMG 8043

We sat at the kitchen table and I knew I wanted to paint over the red walls and paint the cupboards white but I also knew what a HUGE job it would be.  The clients were experienced painters and they willingly agreed.  They knew what they were getting into and were very willing. I was so happy!

IMG 3819 800x533 Copy

Wow, what a difference.  There is nothing more exciting and rewarding than when you see your vision come to fruition.  I was so pleased with the great job they did.  It completely updated the space. The appliances looked brand new, the floors looked better and the counters really worked.  All this was done with paint!

Dining Room

IMG 8042

IMG 3824

Once the room was painted, it only needed some accessories.  Adding the blue drapes softened the room and added more colour to the neutral colour palette.

IMG 3818 800x533 Copy

IMG 8046


IMG 3806 800x533 Copy

Notice how the long wall all painted in the same colour made the space feel more cohesive and larger?  The rooms seamlessly flow from one room to the other. This makes a room feel larger.  Even the accent colours flowed.

IMG 3816 800x533 Copy




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