Reno’s Are Taking Too Long

Normally when I stage a house, I compare it to putting the “icing on the cake” and making it look pretty and appealing to the masses. I get to do the ‘pretty’ stuff.

chocolate cake, isolated on a white background

However, the last 3 Stagings, have been more about “baking the cake” and I haven’t even gotten to the “icing part” yet.  They are older homes that needed a lot more work.

Above and Beyond

I never feel very comfortable about making major changes to a house for re-sale since I can’t guarantee that the Homeowners are going to get their money back. There is a fine line between doing enough to appeal to the masses and doing too much and not recouping the investment.  I have to go with what the Realtor and the Homeowner wants.  Ultimately, the Realtor needs a good product to sell and the Homeowners have to be willing to do everything (or have it done).

As I said, I’m working on 3 major transformations so I don’t have the before/after photos just yet.  Trust me when I say that renovations always take twice as long as cost twice as much. Readjusting and reallocating the budget is a daily process as little surprises pop up.


New home construction lights and ceiling

It’s amazing how rewiring a house eats your budget, but it’s a job that sometimes has to be done and it will show up in the inspection too.

I’m so used the fast pace of Staging but right now I feel like my hands are tied since I’m waiting for the contractors to finish their jobs.

I’ve also learned the value of ‘popping in’ to make sure things are running smoothly. The other day I dropped in on a project just in time, since one of the rooms was going to be painted the wrong colour!  I’ve had delays in the 3 houses due to roofs being replaced, asbestos being removed, flooring being sanded and refinished, gutting bathrooms, putting up new drywall, removing wallpaper, waiting for new carpet, and retiling backsplashes, replacing electrical wiring, installing new light fixtures, re-straining and fixing outside decks not to mention lots and lots of painting!

Building contractor putting the asphalt roofing on a large commercial apartment building development

We have been lucky with the warmer weather to get roofs done before it’s too cold for the workers.

colorful paint

Nothing updates a house faster than a neutral coat of paint.

Paint Brush, Wood Plank and paint isolated on white

Everyone wants hardwood floors.  Sometime the old hardwood floors are in really bad shape but a good sanding a fresh stain make them look brand new. Such a great investment!  We were lucky to do this in an empty house so we didn’t need to worry about furniture and all the dust that is created in the sanding process. Buyers are also getting away from the golden oak floors and leaning more towards the brown, gray and blond tones.

Out of My Control

Everything is out of my control and I feel absolutely frustrated!!!  I just want to finish the projects to get the houses on the Fall market.  I’m chomping at the bit to get in and actually “put the icing on the cake” so to speak.

I’ve been spending my time shopping for the appropriate props and I can’t wait to pull the houses all together.

woman walking with shopping bags in mall.

I guess I just have to be patient and as soon as I get the “go-ahead” from the contractors I will be running around like a happy crazy woman again 🙂  I can’t wait to reveal these beauties to you 🙂

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