A Serene Master and En-Suite

Buyers always look for beautiful master bedrooms!

The funny thing is that when I stage homes, in reality, it’s usually the last room that has had any décor done to it.  Everyone works on the main floor and the kid’s rooms but never get around to doing the master bedroom.  It’s usually the bedroom with the worn out linens and no artwork!

Maybe they look for beautiful bedrooms when they’re buying since they want to see the potential for themselves. They want to visualize themselves in a serene retreat with a calming atmosphere since they don’t have it now.  Buyers like to have something to aspire to.

So when staging your home, make sure you put a lot of attention in your Master bedroom and en-suite (if you have one).  Here is an example of a master bedroom done right!

IMG_7290 - Copy (800x533) (2)
Nothing says serenity more than white linens, That is why they are so often used in hotels. Since the furniture was dark, we needed a colour to help bridge the contrast. Originally they had dark gray curtains. They had these green drapes from a previous house and as soon as we switched them, the room came alive. This apple green keeps the room feeling fresh and clean which is exactly what buyers want. Buyers aren’t buying your furniture or linens, but they can dream of a room like this.
IMG_7294 (800x533) (3)
Showing that there is a relaxing area to lounge is ideal for a master bedroom. It doesn’t have to be a big sitting area. This chair and lamp are the perfect size for this room.
brambling afters (13 of 18) (800x533)
Always try to have the same colours flow into the en-suite. Just a few pops of the same green were all that was needed.
brambling afters (14 of 18) (533x800)
It’s amazing how little things like this chandelier can create so much atmosphere. They don’t have to be expensive but they give a decadent feeling. It’s so easy to imagine relaxing in a hot bubble bath with the flowers, candles and twinkling lights.

I always tell homeowners, if they are planning on buying new linens for their new house, buy them NOW so their house now looks great for staging too.  The master bedroom really does matter!!!

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