Simple DIY Artwork for a Boy’s Room

Over the years, I’ve learned what looks good in photos for the MLS listings.  When I can’t find what I’m looking for, I have to come up with inexpensive and fast DIY projects to pull a room together.

Create a Room

I was very lucky that the Realtor had an extra single bed at his house that he was willing to bring over so.  It allowed me to showcase this as a child’s room.  The target market for this house is a young family so I wanted to stage it accordingly.

DIY Artwork

As a Home Stager, I always have trouble finding artwork for young boy/young teen bedrooms. For this room, I printed off artwork of the hockey player and the skateboarder from Adobe at Staples for $7.99 each.  They were put the in my old IKEA black frames. The black matting makes the artwork look much larger.

I chose the bold red graphic artwork since it went so well with my sport theme bedroom but they weren’t too busy. I get so much satisfaction when these DIY projects complete a room perfectly. 🙂

Finishing Touches

Now the room has lots of colour and personality. Adding a few accessories like the basketball and hockey sticks keep it fun and memorable as buyers walk through the house.

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