Sometimes You Have to Put the Soul Back into a House When Staging

Unfortunately, everyone hears “take all your personal items out of a house when you’re selling’.  The problem with that is, sometimes you take the ‘soul’ out of the house.

When I walked into this spectacular house, I loved the layout and the colours.  It just needed some accessories to make it feel like a home.

Living Room:


Carp Afters (24 of 31) (800x533)
I was lucky they had all the necessary furniture for the house.
Carp Afters (22 of 31) (800x533)
Just a little bit of tweaking was needed. New lamps, cushions, artwork and a few accessories made a big difference.

h3>Dining Room:

IMG_6884 - Copy (2)

Carp Afters (26 of 35) (800x533) (800x533)
Dining rooms are usually filled with wood and they don’t have textures or many linens for softness. I brought in a runner and some accessories to break up all the wood and add colour.

Family Room:

I wished I had taken a photo of this room before we started to move furniture around. Both sofas were opposite each other making a long passage way to the patio doors. The TV was where it is in the photo. This allowed for an open concept going out to the patio doors but I wanted to try something different.
Carp Afters (24 of 35) (800x533) (800x533)
As soon as we rearranged the furniture it made the room feel more square and better for conversation. I personally never like sofas directly across from each other. By moving the 3 seater sofa to the long wall (it was previously on the short wall), I had room for both end tables and I brought in matching lamps. We were able to put the TV in the right corner so it was not the first thing you see when you entered the house. There was still lots of traffic space to get tot the kitchen and behind the loveseat to get to the patio doors. Chances are, buyers will put their big TV on the wall opposite the sofa. That is also where the cable hook up is. Bringing in artwork that had all their colour palette made it feel cozy. I intentionally chose nature inspired artwork since the house is in the country.

Master Bedroom:

IMG_6901 (800x533)

Carp Afters (20 of 35) (800x533)
Nothing creates atmosphere faster than candles and flowers in a bedroom. Adding the drapes completed the room and bringing in artwork over the bed created a headboard and introduced some other soft colours.  Adding tall white lamps on either side of the bed also broke up the long wall. Having exercise equipment in your bedroom is very convenient, but remove it when selling your house.

Bedroom #2:

IMG_6922 - Copy (800x533)

Carp Afters (10 of 31) (800x533)
Having one dark wall can look intense in photos, so I wanted to incorporate other colours. I brought in these linens since they had different shades of purple and turquoise. The linens allowed me to bring in the teal drapes which created more interest.


Carp Afters (10 of 35) (800x533)
I always like it when I can use my own photography that is stretched on canvas in Stagings. I started doing this when I couldn’t find the right artwork in stores. It’s a fun way for my to incorporate a hobby into my profession.

Bedroom #3:

IMG_6897 - Copy

Carp Afters (1 of 31) (800x518)
This bedroom was used as their home office. Adding a curtain rod and drapes widened the window and added some softness to the room. Rearranging the furniture helped fill in the large room but it didn’t make the room feel smaller.
Carp Afters (12 of 31) (800x533) (2)
Adding nautical artwork and accessories made the room feel like an ‘executive’ home office.


IMG_6933 (800x533)Even though our summer is coming to an end we are still having hot weather so we need to capitalize on the outdoor living space and the pool area.  This 3 season room is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors.

Carp Afters (31 of 35) (800x533)

Carp Afters (27 of 31) (800x533)Bringing in artwork and cushions created an ‘outdoor room’ to enjoy for many months of the year.

This already stunning house now feels like a home which will appeal to buyers without having too many of their own ‘personal’ items.

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