Spring Is Here So Let’s Talk Ceiling Fans


One of our members sent in a photo of her 3 season solarium (which is gorgeous and was wondering what size and colour ceiling fan she should buy. There are reasons to get the right size fan other than appearance. You don’t want to burn out your fan motor if it’s too small for the room and you also don’t want to feel like there is a tornado in your room if the fan is too large. Using a fan can certainly help with cooling costs compared to an air conditioner. The hardest part will be choosing a style that you like within your price point.

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To be honest that is a loaded question! There are many things to take into account:

  • Size of room? 19 X 9.5 (180.5 square feet) 52″ is probably the best size. Please refer the dimension chart in the link below to get the perfect size for YOUR room.
  • Desired colour of fan? I suggest white so it disappears into the white ceiling
  • How many blades? This will depend on the distance between the beams on the ceiling. I suspect 5 blades would be appropriate.
  • Remote/light? Since she wants a light and the fan is so high in the room, I definitely feel she needs a remote. I personally feel that the lights with a flat bottom vs. those with a bowl look more contemporary
  • The decor style of the room? The furniture is mid-century modern with some modern elements to it so the fan should be modern as well.
  • Wall colours? She is going to paint them white to match the trim and ceiling beams.
  • The style of the adjoining rooms? You will see this fan from the family room which has modern elements

Click below to the link for more details on ceiling fans

What Size Ceiling Fan do I Need? Calculate Fan Size by Room Size | DelMarFans.com

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