Stage Memorable Children’s Rooms

Often, bedrooms are empty so this is the perfect chance to make a statement.   Staging memorable rooms is fun and exciting. I always try to imagine who is moving into the house and how to appeal to that target market.

Youngest Room

IMG 6538

Since this was the smallest room and it was closest to the master bedroom, I decided to make it appeal to a young child. There was a larger bedroom with 2 twin beds in it, so we brought one of the beds into this room.

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Since the walls were so light, I needed to bring in lots of bright colours through accessories. The cheery drapes really gave it the” wow” factor.

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I created the illusion of a headboard with this metal artwork.  I repurposed it by spray painting it a complementary youthful colour.  The pattern of the artwork was the exact same as the linens.

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Layering these adorable area rugs help give more warmth, texture, and colour. One by itself looked lost.

Getting a Bit Older

IMG 6531

I wanted to make this room look larger so we moved this furniture into the largest bedroom and brought in their second twin bed. I always try to use as much of the homeowner’s furniture as possible.  Sometimes, it just looks better in different rooms. That is why it’s valuable to have your house seen through another set of objective trained eyes. Same stuff – new ideas.

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We used the homeowner’s  linens and some of their grandchild’s toys to keep the costs down.  Adding the bold artwork, drapes and area rug help pull the colours from the linens. Notice how much larger the window looks with drapes.

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This room will definitely appeal to a youngster as they enter the room.  You want to get the whole family excited when buying the house.

Largest Room

IMG 6533 800x490

The beautiful antique bedframes and dresser were sold but we kept the two beds for the other rooms and the queen bed was brought into here.  It made sense to have the largest bed in the largest room and set it up for the oldest child. Obviously this lighter colour dresser was not normally in the room.  We were just moving furniture around.

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I was inspired by the wood bed to stage it with a ‘cabin’ feel.  The artwork was my inspiration. I also needed to add some colour.

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The artwork with the row boats and paddles really create the “feel”. The wool plaid blanket and pillow with the Adirondack chairs just finished it off.

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Sometimes, adding a quirky accessory like this moose makes the room memorable.

Downstairs Retreat

IMG 6626

By the time I went to stage the 5th bedroom, we had run out of furniture. Fortunately, the Realtor brought in an airbed and I was able to scrounge around for a few more left-over pieces in their storage to create a bedroom.

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I placed the bed and the dresser under the windows to minimize the gap between the floor and the bottom of the windows.  The room looked more balanced this way.  Ideally, I would have liked to have hung blinds on the windows.

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I brought in linens, artwork and accessories that work with the pale yellow/wheat coloured walls.

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This room now has a sense of being at a beach and not in a basement.  It really doesn’t take much to create a memorable room!

Each of the children’s rooms have a unique feel and will hopefully appeal to all age groups.




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