Staging a Rental Unit

Selling a house that has a separate rental unit (especially downtown) is very appealing for buyers. The rental income can produce a nice monthly income.  However, the unit has too look great. It’s impossible to expect renters to tidy up and be willing to have their space Staged, so I waited until the tenants moved out. In order to eliminate the odours the whole space needed to be emptied, painted and the carpet needed to be replaced. It’s amazing how much textiles retain the smell of smoke and pet odours.

Main Living Space

Even though I knew I wasn’t going to do anything in the space until the tenants moved out, I still needed to see it so I could make a plan.

Once the apartment was emptied, a new carpet was installed and all the walls were painted.  To stay within budgets, we brought all these extra pieces of furniture from the main house.  It’s time to be creative.  Remember, we are not decorating, we are jus setting the stage for buyers to see the potential.  Think outside the box.  The coffee table was a chest that used to be in the master bedroom.

I brought in artwork, accent cushion, drapes and accessories to help fill in the missing pieces.

It’s so important to show buyers that a tenant can be completely sufficient.

This unit has everything you need to live independently.  Once everything was removed, you can see that there is a dining area and a completely functional kitchen.  Just behind the closed door is  laundry room.

I felt it was also important to showcase that there is a separate entrance for complete privacy.


I knew everything was going to be removed so we just had to figure out how to furnish the room.

We brought the dressers and bed down from a bedroom in the main house.  The chair was brought from the living room and I brought the linens, end tables, lamps artwork and accessories.

I intentionally used warm tans and reds since it’s a basement bedroom and I wanted it to feel cozy and inviting.

Once all the previous shelves and hanging/storage systems were removed I could see one of the two closets.  You always want to show that there is enough storage.

The carpet was replaced and the walls were painted. Just beyond the bedroom is a full private bathroom.

Make sure you learn about the staging tips of the main house as well. Click here.

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