Staging Simple Bedrooms for Resale


A child’s room is often very personalized since that is THEIR domain.  However, when listing your house you want the rooms to look as neutral as possible.  This can be hard for some kids to understand so it might need to be done in little stages.

I Have To Be Sensitive To These Room


During this pandemic, more and more desks are put in all the bedrooms since everyone is either working from home, or homeschooling.  This makes it a challenge when staging for resale.  Fortunately house are selling so fast, that it’s a short term inconvenience.

Obviously there was too much furniture in this room so we really had to figure out what could stay, and what could go out, or elsewhere in the house. These were beautiful solid wood bunk beds but unfortunately they couldn’t come apart so we needed to keep them as is. The matching wall unit really made the room feel and look smaller so they agreed to bring it down and paint since there were studs etc. keeping it up.  Buyers appreciate it when these jobs are done. Since she needed to paint this wall, she painted the entire room in a neutral cream colour. It’s amazing how much bigger this room looked without all the extra furniture (even with the large bunk beds).  We kept the decor to a minimal to keep it gender and age friendly.

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Edit, Edit, Edit

Ians room

Although this was a very hip teen bedroom, there was a lot going on.  Again, I couldn’t separate the top from the bottom of the bed, but by removing the wall unit and the red accents, the room felt wider  The homeowner also painted this entire room while she painted the other bedroom.

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This really shows buyers just how large the room is.

Keep It Simple


This room just needed some tweaking.  Having small pictures on the walls, actually makes a room feel smaller.

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Bringing in two matching lamps for either side of the bed creates balance.  We removed all the ‘little’ pictures and the Realtor, Catherine Bell from Royal LePage brought in the floral artwork.  Since the linens have a pattern we didn’t want to hang artwork that would complete with it, so we moved the homeowner’s mirror and hung it above the bed.  I think the biggest difference is the red rug halfway under the bed to ground the space.  It was previously in her living room. I always try to use as much of the homeowner’s belongings as possible.

This is another example of great teamwork and how Online Staging can and does work!!!


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