Virtual Staging

I just finished another very successful virtual Staging. The realtor was blown away with how much advice I could give her on FaceTime. As she was going through the house I could tell her exactly where to move things and what to remove etc. I had all the photos in front of me on my screen and could tell her what items from different rooms could be used in more effective ways.  I never had to leave my desk. Isn’t technology grand?!

The realtor originally sent me photos from her cell phone of all the rooms from different angles.  At first she didn’t think it was worthwhile for me to go to the house since there wasn’t much furniture in it since the owners had partially moved out. She didn’t think there was much that could be done. The realtor was also under a 24 hour deadline, the property was pretty remote (over 100km away round trip) from me, and there was a snow storm! – No pressure 🙂

After looking at the photos that she took, I sent her the report so she could move things around accordingly.  Once that was done we worked together virtually so I could see exactly what she was doing and I could give more advice.  She brought in some additional items from her own house that were in my report and I was able to make even more recommendations.  It’s amazing  what a difference just switching bed linens, furniture placement, decluttering and adding a few pops of colour made!

This is not the most ideal way of Staging, but it got the job done under unusual circumstances and the transformations was huge.  It just proved to her that ANY house can be improved with Staging!

Team Work!!!!


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